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世界粮油展 现场图片

Facts & Figures

Visitor Review

Visitor Review

Visitors by Region

Title of Visitors

  • South China75%
  • East China7%
  • North China6%
  • Central China4%
  • Northeast China3%
  • Northwest China2%
  • HK,MC & TW1%
  • Southwest China1%
  • Overseas1%
  • Food Manufacturers48%
  • Health Care Product Manufacturers17%
  • Mechanical Distributors13%
  • Daily Chemical Production
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturers7%
  • Agricultural Product
    Processing Manufacturers3%
  • Others2%
Renowned Brands

Renowned Brands

VIP Buyer Groups

VIP Buyer Groups

  • Guangdong Food Circulate Association
  • Guangdong Province Grain Industry Association
  • Guangzhou City Grain Industry Association
  • Zhongshan City Grain Industry Association
  • Dongguan City Grain Industry Association
  • Zhuhai City Grain Industry Association
  • Shenzhen Food Industry Association
  • Hong Kong International of China Commerce Community Association United
  • Shantou Chamber of Commerce for Supplier of Supermarket
  • Guangdong East Chamber of Commerce of Importers & Exporters
  • Wengyuan County Agricultural Production and Processing Industry Association
  • Guangdong Cross-border E-Commerce
    Industry Association
  • Huizhou Food Industry Association
  • De Cheng Market
  • San Yi International Food Market
  • Dong Wang Wholesale Market
  • Guangdong E-Commerce Industry Association
  • Guangzhou Area Catering Trade Association
  • Guangzhou Western Food Industry Association
  • Guangzhou Cuisine Association
  • South China Hotel Purchasing Managers Union
  • Guangdong Chain Operations Association
  • Guangxi Supplier Industry Association
  • Guangzhou Chain Operations Association
Key Buyers include

Key Buyers include...

  • Guangzhou Phar. Holdings
  • WeiLong
  • JuXiangYuan
  • SAMJINFOOD (Korea)
  • Chao Feng Qi Jia Shili Anbu Food Factory
  • ShanTou YiLi Foods
  • New Century Herbs
  • Xinglin Baima Pharmaceutical
  • Hua Jia Cheng Foods
  • Guangxi Liu Yue Xue Foods
  • Liuzhou Chao Xu Foods
  • Shantou Huaxin Lawei Food Factory
  • Shantou Tianfu Food
  • Guangzhou Mei Wei Jia Foods
  • Guangzhou Heng Feng Foods
  • ......